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Universal yield monitor

Precision yield mapping for any combine.

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Harvest Bundle

Outfit any combine for yield and moisture monitoring.


Steps to Yield Mapping



Install on any combine with a clean grain elevator in under 2 hours.



View live and average yield and moisture on your smartphone or tablet.



Review automatically corrected yield data and precision maps in the Web App.

It’s amazing the variation you’ll see across the field. I was kind of shocked by it. It’s nice to get this level of accurate data back, that’s affordable for a lot more people.

Joe GordonGordon's Custom Farm Services, Canada

You’ve got to sit down with a pencil and paper when you’re done harvest and figure out the tickets and all that. With a yield monitor I have a closer idea of how it's doing as we go through the field.

Ryan RufGrower in Indiana, USA

As long as I know the total bushels, we can look at calibration factors after the fact and we can make the field look exactly as it's supposed to. That is, to me, industry-leading.

Bennie DunhinSenior Ag Innovation Lead at Simplot Agribusiness

With FarmTRX I can put the data on my phone, and that night when I’m home and eating dinner I can actually see where I’m at and how the field is shaping up.

Eric WassmuthGrower in Idaho, USA

When I finally found this system the price was perfect for my budget and user-friendly. Dad doesn't have to worry about touching remotes. He can get in the combine and I can download it later.

Ryan RufGrower in Indiana, USA


Optimized hardware that allows for an easy installation on any combine with a clean grain elevator.

Simple Setup

Calibrate by volume or weight in the free FarmTRX Mobile App. Complete calibration once per crop type per year.


Data is automatically cleaned and corrected into agronomy-ready yield maps in minutes – not hours or days.


If you don’t calibrate before harvesting, you can still get precision maps after the fact with post-harvest calibration.


Intro to FarmTRX

Installation on a JD S770

Yield Mapping a Trial Plot

FarmTRX & FieldView™ Integration