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We automate the generation of yield maps so you can focus on farming

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Our goals are simple.

  • Help farmers get empowering insights from their yield data
  • Keep the process simple
  • Don’t get in the way of farming

We do that by producing a reliable, user-friendly yield monitor that meets the varying needs of farmers, whether that’s looking for fine detail coming through precision maps or just monitoring yield and moisture readings from the cab.

FarmTRX’s Internet of Things (IoT) based approach provides advanced mapping capabilities, while using your own phone or tablet to monitor and upload yield data keeps our product costs affordable. Users can update the equipment they already own for powerful precision ag insights while keeping upfront costs low and putting their resources where it matters most for the farm.




Perry Casson – CTO and Co-Founder

Co-founder of Troo Corporation, Perry’s expertise in software, GIS, wireless communications, and electronics is augmented by a drive for ag innovation. He is an electronics technician with training in software development as well as a third generation grain farmer from Saskatchewan, Canada.

Phil Wyatt – CEO and Co-Founder

Phil has a rich history of product vision, technical leadership and growing software companies, including taking Northwood Technologies to successful acquisition. He holds a master’s degree of Geology with extensive background in GIS, web-based mapping and software development.

Mark Hammer – VP Sales and Business Development

A career in sales, marketing and business development for companies specializing in telecommunications, remote sensing, minerals exploration and mining provides a strong background for Mark’s role. He is a geoscientist by education specializing in 2D and 3D GIS applications.

Braden Wyatt – Operations Manager

Braden is a civil engineer by training with early experience working for a global engineering consultancy based in the United Kingdom. He oversees all aspects of the FarmTRX product offering as business operations manager.

Richard Matsunaga – Director of Software Development

Richard is a software engineering manager with over 25 years experience in software development, wireless communications and DevOps. He holds a Master of Engineering Science in Electrical Engineering and manages software development for FarmTRX.

Kyryll Druzhynin – Senior Product Manager

Kyryll joins FarmTRX as the Senior Product Manager. He has over a decade of expertise in the precision agriculture industry and was formerly Chief Innovation Officer for a large supplier of Ukrainian ag-products. He also managed precision farming for 250,000 acres of test farms in Ukraine.