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Automated Yield Mapping

Actionable and agronomy-ready yield maps processed in minutes

Measuring Yield-Limiting Field Characteristics with a Yield Monitor

The Challenge: Can a farmer calculate what their field’s yield-limiting characteristics are costing year-on-year?
Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
Harvester: New Holland CR9060, CX8080
Crop: Wheat, peas, canola, barley

Calculate the return on your farming decisions.

Satellite imagery is a great tool for in-season decision making, but it doesn’t necessarily translate to your final yield. You’ll need a yield monitor for that.

Bryn Casson – Casson Farms, Canada

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What's included with premium yield mapping?

Basic (free)

FarmTRX Premium (annual fee)

Automatic over-the-air firmware update
Field selection
Data upload via WiFi or mobile network
Automatic yield data sorting to field
Yield data visual/query
Yield data points export
Automatic yield data correction X
Post-harvest calibration function X
Automatic multi-combine calibration X
Automatic yield map creation X
Corrected yield data export X
Field binder PDF export X