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Everything You Need in One Box

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Yield Monitor

The Yield Monitor ECU installs in the cab of the combine and uses Bluetooth® to pair with your smartphone or tablet. 32GB of on-board storage to archive years of harvest data.

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Moisture Sensor

Add moisture monitoring to your combine. The moisture sensor installs at the base of the elevator clean-out door and provides live and average moisture readings in the mobile app.

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QuickConnect™ Install Kit

QuickConnect™ mounting technology makes optical sensor installation fast and simple. A supplied Drill Guide Kit lets installers drill equal holes from the front of the elevator.

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External Antenna

GNSS antenna

An external GPS antenna is mounted on the roof of the combine cab and provides positional accuracy for the yield monitor. Choose from Base or Plus+ GPS accuracy.

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Rugged Optical Sensors

Two ruggedized, right-angle optical sensors (a transmitter and receiver) install on either side of the clean grain elevator, measuring yield volume on the passing paddles.

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Wiring & Harnesses

An interconnect wiring harness and primary wiring harness connect the yield monitor in the cab, to the optical sensors and moisture sensor installed on the elevator.

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Universal hardware for a simple installation

tablet and mobile phone

Monitor and Upload Data from your Phone or Tablet

  • Use your own device to wirelessly connect to the Yield Monitor and get yield and moisture data in the cab
  • Calibrate once per crop type, per season by volume or weight
  • Compatible with iOS or Android devices

Getting yield data off any combine

Getting yield data off any combine