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How is FarmTRX different from a factory yield monitor?

FarmTRX Yield Monitors use optical sensors (a transmitter and a receiver) installed on the clean grain elevator to measure grain volume on the passing paddles. Compared to most factory systems that rely on mass flow detection via a sensor plate, FarmTRX is always measuring the relative differences in yield volume across a field. Mass flow detection systems are often a substantial investment to add to a combine harvester. FarmTRX offers a simple, accessible way to start collecting precision yield data from your combine without a major upgrade cost or new clean grain elevator, regardless of your combine model or ag platforms you are already employing on the farm.

What harvesting equipment is compatible?

If you have a combine harvester with a traditional clean grain elevator and 12V switched power, yes.

How do you calibrate the FarmTRX Yield Monitor?

Two calibration processes are recommended if the farmer wants to see accurate live yield measurements in the cab while harvesting: a sensor calibration in the yard before harvesting, and a crop calibration in the field once per season. Both are completed in the FarmTRX Harvest mobile app.

  1. Sensor calibration requires the combine to be stationary with the engine at full throttle and threshing clutch engaged. This process tares the combine so the optical sensors learn what the paddle width is without grain introduced.
  2. Crop calibration in the field can be done by volume or weight. Begin the calibration run, harvest a known quantity in a representative part of the field. Enter the known volume or weight (using a hopper-full, grain cart, weigh wagons or a truck with scales) to calibrate the harvested area.

If the operator does not calibrate before harvesting, that is OK. You can post-harvest calibrate yield data in the FarmTRX Web App after the fact using your elevator ticket. This feature ensures farmers can always get accurate maps for their fields with or without an in-crop calibration.

Is internet connection required to run FarmTRX at harvest?

Internet connection is not required to view live harvesting information in the cab during harvest.

Internet connection, either using cellular data or Wi-Fi, is required in order to sync yield data from your mobile device/Display to the FarmTRX Web App. Data sync can be completed at intervals that work best for the farmer during harvest, such as in the yard as the combine cools each day, in the field if you have cellular data or at home over Wi-Fi. The Yield Monitor has 32GB of onboard storage.

What about yield maps?

FarmTRX provides 9 different map output types for your yield data in the Web App including corrected yield and moisture maps. Yield maps are generated within minutes of yield data sync from the mobile app. All customers receive automated generation of cleaned, corrected yield data and maps the first year after Yield Monitor purchase.

Raw yield data points are always free to view and export as a shp file from the Web App.

More details about the FarmTRX Web App here!

Can I get my yield data into other platforms?

FarmTRX offers data integrations and compatibilities with Climate FieldView, John Deere Operations Center and Trimble Ag Software.


We are a Canadian company with production headquarters in Ottawa. We ship worldwide with Fedex, UPS and DHL. Orders are processed as soon as possible depending on order volume. International shipping takes 3-7 business days from time of purchase.

We are unable to supply estimated duties and taxes as this information varies by country. Please note that if you place an order online you will be responsible for all duties, taxes and customs charges. If your order is then refused, you will still be responsible for charges incurred in shipping the package.

We cannot guarantee shipping to P.O. boxes outside of Canada and the United States. If you would like to know if it is possible to ship to an international P.O. box please contact us and we will let you know your shipping options.

Product warranty?

FarmTRX offers a guaranteed product warranty for a period of two years after purchase. For help determining what additional parts or products may be required under warranty contact

What payment methods are accepted?

Payments by major credit cards are accepted including Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Discover.

Any reason not to buy?

If you’re 100% satisfied with your factory yield monitor there’s no reason to change what isn’t broken. FarmTRX is a retrofit, universally installed Yield and Moisture monitoring system that makes it easy to get agronomy-ready yield data and precision maps for your fields while keeping it affordable.