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Record moisture

values with more

Shop Moisture Sensor 2.0

Moisture Sensor 2.0

Records live and average grain moisture values.
  • Updated enclosure design for a single out installation
  • Option to use in stand-alone mode or comparison mode with the Yield Monitor 1.0 or 2.0
  • Transferability across grain-handling equipment
Shop Moisture Sensor 2.0

Moisture readings

A moisture-specific mobile application compatible with iOS or Android to monitor moisture readings and temperature

A Single-package Solution

Monitor moisture-purchase independently or bundled as a complete system with the Farm TRX Yield Monitor
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Transfer with ease

Transferability - install on different grain-handling machinery in the field or around the yard so you can make informed decisions

What's New

Updated Design for an Easier Install. Design improvements to the enclosure allow for an easier installation with a single-cut.

Option to Power the Moisture Sensor Independently or with the Yiekd Monitor Operate as a companion to the Yield Monitor or independently in stand-alone mode.

LED Status Indicators. System status is indicated with an LED light panel located on the front face of the sensor, eliminating any guesswork.