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With the purchase of a FarmTRX Yield Monitor, access to your raw yield data is always free

Yield data gathered by FarmTRX is automatically uploaded to the cloud and organized by field.  No more sorting through endless files trying to see what data belongs where.  At any time, a user may login through their Basic (free) account. From here you can view and query your raw harvest data and export each field easily.

FarmTRX web service subscription
FarmTRX Export Formats 

Raw yield data points are free to export as ESRI .shp or AgLeader Basic file formats for all FarmTRX users. This data can be viewed, queried and exported easily for those using an alternative mapping platform.  However, the raw yield data will need to be cleaned and filtered, have headlands removed, user errors fixed, multi-harvesters correlated, and yield levels calibrated manually, to produce quality corrected maps and reports externally.

In contrast, the FarmTRX premium account is designed to offer a complete, universal yield monitoring solution that begins with dependable data collection, and results in high-quality corrected yield map creation. Yield and moisture maps are automatically generated through the FarmTRX Web Service, our cloud-based application. Growers are able to view and share their yield maps from within the Web Service as desired.

Your first season’s subscription to the premium FarmTRX Web Service is included with your Yield Monitor. This introductory period allows growers to see our powerful map-generation engine in action.  Users have access to automatically cleaned, corrected, filtered and calibrated yield maps processed by the Web Service in minutes, not hours or days.

Premium account access to the FarmTRX Web Service is an opt-in subscription. Users will always have Basic (free) account access to their raw yield data collected by the FarmTRX Yield Monitor and the option to export raw data to other agronomy, precision ag or farm management platforms.  

What do you save with an annual subscription to the FarmTRX Web Service? Time, energy and the resources required to transform raw data into actionable insights. The Premium service intelligently fixes possible operator errors, mismatched crop types, header inconsistencies and then analyses trends, rates and times using a sophisticated analysis and statistics engine.  The system identifies tapering rows, starts and stops, end-of-row turns, partial rows, spikes, and adjusts for multi-harvester calibration and leveling.  A host of maps and reports are then auto-generated within minutes of receiving the data.

You pay for automated processing, not for access to your data.

Want to compare your options? Here is what a subscription to the FarmTRX Web Service offers growers:

  Basic  Premium
Over-the-air firmware update     ✓     ✓
Field selection Automated Automated
Raw yield data retrieval Wireless Wireless
Yield data upload Mobile network or Wi-Fi Mobile network or Wi-Fi
Sorting to correct field Automated Automated
Yield data visual/query     ✓     ✓
Yield data points export     ✓     ✓
Yield data cleaning and filtering     ✗ Automated
Post-harvest calibration     ✗ Automated
Multi-combine calibration     ✗ Automated
Corrected Yield Map     ✗ Automated
Classified Yield Map     ✗ Automated
Trend of Yield Map (soil zones)     ✗ Automated
Export to other Ag Platforms Raw yield data All yield data and corrected maps
Field Binder PDF Export     ✗     ✓

The end result? Cleaned, filtered, calibrated and corrected yield maps owned by you, processed by FarmTRX.