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In short, you do.

Farming has seen an unprecedented shift in yield data collection for big data applications. With more technologies offered every year, promising to assist in every phase of the farming cycle, the debate on who owns farming data is top of mind for most farmers, with good reason.

Being sure your harvest data is accessible where, when and to whom you want it to be, is important. Ambiguity in ag data ownership can have serious consequences for both farmer and provider, and gray areas in legislation on data ownership don’t help alleviate feelings of uncertainty when moving farm data to the cloud through an ag tech provider. 

Benefits of Cloud-Based Yield Mapping

Collecting data for your farm makes sense, and is something most farmers are already doing. No two farming seasons are exactly alike. There are new inputs tried, moisture or irrigation strategy varied, and the ongoing effects of a changing climate. Farmers are interested in measuring the results of those variables on yield, and particularly the results on yield as a dollar difference from year-to-year. The log of that data grows each year, and is used to make farm management plans for the future. 

So Why Manage Yield Data on the Cloud?

For one, it makes your life easy

Handheld devices like phones and tablets are probably already available on the farm and in the combine at harvest. The accessibility and low cost of computer chips means access to internet and computer system resources (like data storage and computing power) is easy and intuitive for more people. FarmTRX leverages cost-effective, cloud-based platforms that make yield monitoring straightforward using your own device (Apple or Android), and digital yield map creation smart, timely and flexible for sharing.

Secondly, it lets you do more with your data. 

Getting yield data from your phone or tablet to our cloud-based application is as simple as: 1) connecting your device to the internet using WiFi or mobile data, and 2) pressing “Sync”. Once data is sent to the web app, it is automatically sorted, cleaned and corrected by FarmTRX’s industry leading mapping algorithms (that’s what we do best).

The results are precision yield maps for your fields that are easily queried, compared side-by-side, or exported in a variety of formats to an agronomist, precision ag specialist or other farm management systems. Better yield data collection means farmers can do more of what works for their fields, effectively increasing farm productivity, profitability and sustainability. 

Your Farm, Your Yield Data – FarmTRX Privacy Policy

Making sure farm data remains under the care and control of farmers is important to us, that’s why we ensure farmers are the sole owner of their data gathered via the FarmTRX system. As a user, you can choose to share your farm data with a trusted advisor, but it will never be sold or shared by FarmTRX. We are responsible for the processing, hosting and security of your yield data online. You choose what to do with it.

Yield mapping does not have to be a luxury. With FarmTRX more farmers can participate in precision agriculture and get usable, actionable maps from their yield data. If you want to learn more about how to get started, talk to one of our team by calling 1-800-991-5136 or emailing