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The FarmTRX system is a stand-alone, IoT based solution to yield mapping. Any combine with a clean grain elevator and 12V can be equipped with the Yield Monitor, and a free mobile app displays yield data in the cab. Brought together, these three pieces automatically collect and display high-resolution data while harvesting, and generate high-quality precision yield maps you can view and export. The FarmTRX system is not only the most affordable yield monitor solution currently on the market, it is also universally applicable and produces as good or better yield maps than competitive yield monitors.

1) The Yield Monitor

The brains of the operation. The Yield Monitor features an internal GPS with triple constellation external antenna (GPS/Galileo/GLONASS) and enough on-board storage to archive years of harvesting data. The Yield Monitor mounts in the cab of any combine and uses Bluetooth™ connectivity to pair with your smartphone or tablet. Two optical sensors installed on the clean grain elevator measure the yield. Want more details on installing the FarmTRX yield monitor? Check out our installation guide and/or installation video

2) The Harvest Mobile App

The FarmTRX mobile app is free and compatible with Apple iOS and Android. It wirelessly connects to the Yield Monitor to display live harvest data and conduct calibrations easily. The Mobile App requires minimal set-up, just input your crop types and headers. There is no need to select the correct field when harvesting, the Mobile App will automatically upload data through available Wi-Fi or mobile connection and the Web App will place the yield data in the correct field for you.

3) The FarmTRX Web App

The Web App is the location where yield data sorts and processes into precision yield maps. Our cloud-based application automatically processes raw yield data into cleaned, corrected yield maps revealing true field variability. To get started in the Web App, define field boundaries and crop type, which will allow the automatic processing of your yield maps and reports. Easily view, query and export your yield data and yield maps into any agronomy, precision ag or farm management platform.