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Ontario, Canada – FarmTRX  is now connected with the John Deere Operations Center™ through the John Deere API Services.

With a FarmTRX yield monitor, farmers with any make or model of combine can get yield maps for their fields. FarmTRX simplifies the process of getting yield data off the combine, generated into usable maps and prepped for export. Seamless yield data transfer from FarmTRX to Operations Center allows more farmers to unify their farm data and get reliable yield data and maps for their fields. Here’s the video tutorial on how to set up FarmTRX to Operations Center connection.

The connection between FarmTRX and John Deere Operations Center is a two-way transfer through API integration, easily managed in the FarmTRX Web Application. Farmers using Operations Center to manage their farm data can feed corrected yield data points from FarmTRX into Operations Center with just a few clicks. Connection between the two products makes it easier for farmers to unify and build the complete picture of their farm data, regardless of the make, model or year of the combine/s.

If you already have an active Operations Center account, getting started with FarmTRX becomes even simpler as you can seamlessly transfer Client, Farm, Field and Boundary information into the FarmTRX Web App as part of the account setup process.  

“Today, we’re seeing more farmers with the latest in seeding, spraying and auto-steer technology on the farm, the investment priority doesn’t often lean towards combines because of their cost and restricted operational time”, remarks Kyryll Druzhynin, Senior Technical Product Manager at FarmTRX.

“FarmTRX offers the solution of enabling older combines for yield mapping without the substantial investment. The product embodies simplicity – a value we’re seeing requested more from farmers regarding their farm data. Integration with John Deere (Operations Center) is a step towards completing the agronomic data loop for many. Adding yield data to complement the tools in Ops Center lets more farmers compare, analyze and quantify their field data”.

Kyryll notes that “FarmTRX not only showcases yield data but also provides insights into moisture levels, operator details, speed, header specifics, elevator, time and machine data. Users gain info not only on the field but on specific performance zones within the field”. This marks the beginning. We appreciate that yield is just one piece of the agronomic puzzle and making sure yield data remains easy to get and easy to share is a clear priority for the farmers we serve. Therefore, we’re working on growing our integrations list in the near term.

How does it work?

Using the ADAPT Framework, FarmTRX precision ag data can be shared widely between different software and hardware applications, including John Deere Operations Center™. Leveraging ADAPT gives FarmTRX the opportunity to serve more farmers who are interested in a seamless data sharing experience across their various machines and software, ultimately improving ability to manage the farm. 

What data is transferable?

Data synchronization between FarmTRX and John Deere Operations Center is two-way. For now, the data that can be brought into FarmTRX from Operations Center includes Client, Farm, Field and Boundary data. Data that is pushed to Operations Center from FarmTRX is automatically corrected yield data points, so farmers can see yield maps for every field harvested as well as moisture maps if the combine is equipped with a FarmTRX Moisture Sensor.

FarmTRX is also able to pass John Deere Operations Center a range of harvest data from the Yield Monitor, including:

  • yield
  • grain moisture
  • combine speed
  • elevation
  • productivity (harvested area/hour)

FarmTRX is a privately owned company located in Ottawa, Canada that specializes in delivering simple-to-use, universally applied precision yield monitoring solutions to any grain farming operation.